I am a third-year PhD student in Natural Language Pocessing at the NLP lab of Bar Ilan University, supervised by Prof. Ido Dagan. My research focuses on identifying relations across multiple documents. In Fall 2020, I interned at AI2 in the Semantic Scholar group, mentored by Tom Hope and Doug Downey.

Prior to that, I complete my M.Sc of Computer Science at Bar-Ilan university in 2020. My M.Sc thesis was on Cross-document Coreference Resolution, under the supervision of Prof. Ido Dagan. I did my B.Sc at the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) in 2016.

Email: arie (dot) cattan (at) gmail.com


  • May 2023: One paper accepeted at ACL 2023!
  • January 2023: Two papers accepted at EACL 2023!
  • Octobre 2022: One paper accepted at EMNLP 2022 and one accepted at AACL 2022!
  • Octobre 2021: Won an outstanding paper award at AKBC! 🎉🎉
  • August 2021: One paper accepted at Findings of EMNLP and one demo paper accepted to EMNLP!
  • August 2021: Our SciCo paper was accepted at AKBC 2021!
  • May 2021: Paper accepted at *SEM 2021
  • May 2021: Paper accepted at Findings of ACL 2021
  • April 2021: Upload a new paper: SciCo: Hierarchical Cross-Document Coreference for Scientific Concepts following my internship at AI2.
  • March 2021: Paper accepted at NAACL 2021